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21 Lessons I Learned From "Who Moved My Cheese?"

"Who moved my cheese?" is an international number one bests selling books of all time written by Dr Spencer Johnson. Dr Spencer Johnson, M.D., is one of the most beloved and respected authors in the world. He has helped millions of readers discover how they can enjoy better lives by using simple truths that lead to fulfillment and success at work and at home.

Here are 21 lessons I learned from "Who Moved My Cheese?":

1. Make things simple and take more actions rather than analysing past situations

2. Try new things and take a risk

3. Always be at the top of your game and be ready for change

4. Never settle, always have options

5. There is no security in life

6. You choose your own happiness

7. Never loose yourself to others, always be you

8. Just cause you had it yesterday, doesn't mean you have it today

9. Yesterday's win is today's ego streak

10. Always be present to what's happening in your environment

11. The world does not owe you anything

12. Explore new places and environments to find the gems of life

13. You will die all alone if you don't take risk

14. Life is super easy when you are flexible and open

15. Visualise living the best life ever

16. Not taking actions towards your goal is the killer of life

17. Ask yourself "What would I do if I was not afraid?"

18. Always be taking actions towards your goals regardless of how you feel

19. When you stop being afraid, you being to feel good

20. The quicker you let good of the old gems of life, the sooner you will find the new gems of life

21. It's safer to go after what you want then to loose hope and be stuck with a shitty situation


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