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25 Lessons Learned From "You, Inc.: The Art of Selling Yourself"

You, Inc was a really easy to read book filled with practical tips, anecdotes, and insights based on Harry Beckwith's 30 years of marketing and selling his advertising services. Below is some of the lessons I've learned from You, Inc.

1. Living is continually selling you and your being. It's the most important thing you sell because the first step to a sale is them needing to buy into you before they even consider anything you have to offer.

2. Don't assume, ask people for feedback. You can do this by asking "How can you become more effective at selling your ideas?"or "What could I do to be even more effective?".

3. Popularity comes from being someone who embraces life - it's contagious!

4. Attitude matter. Attitude sells. Do things that will attract people your way. It's how you will attract opportunities your way.

5. Develop your skills, sharpen them, and sharpen them, even more, each day but never forget people buy all of you.

6. Success and fulfillment come from developing all of you, starting from the deepest parts of you.

7. People ultimately want to feel good and are willing to pay a premium for the way you make them feel as people ultimately buy feelings.

8. Hints of "I like you" elicit bigger tips.

9. There is no finish line. There is no end. Life goes until it stops. Set goals not because they will help you reach them, but because they will teach you.

10. To truly thrive, learn what makes you uncomfortable and do it.

11. Be grateful for your strengths, but work on your weakness. Your strength will only take you so far as your weakness will allow.

12. To identify your weakness notice when people say "If only".

13. Find people who are straight up with you and will give you honest feedback.

14. It's tempting to seek praise, but better to plea for criticism.

15. Complaints will not come voluntarily. It's always good to ask for advice.

16. To get the right help, ask the right question.

17. Understand and know what makes your unique.

18. People do not gather data to make a decision. They often gather data to justify the decision they already made.

19. An image is powerful and first impressions matter. Watch what your visual cues trigger in regards to stereotypes. People buy with their eyes.

20. Success in life begins with a mindfulness of others and a sensitivity to our impact on others.

21. The first obstacle you must overcome is not your competition, it's the stereotype outsiders have of you.

22. To defeat stereotypes, dress contrasting to it.

23. The investment you make of both your time and money demonstrates your confidence in what you are offering. The premium prices you pay are paying is an insurance to your success. Pay more now and reap more later.

24. To become more creative, always grow and fill your box with new things.

25. All education is relevant, all education is practical, all education helps us grow.


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