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Top 5 Marketing Books

In a word where we are continuously bombarded with new information. It can be frustrating when you go through books and books of useless information. To make life easy, below are the top 5 marketing books I highly recommend. DESIGNING BRAND IDENTITY – ALINA WINNER: I highly recommend this book to be the first book you read. When I first read it I though branding is something you do after you start generating sales but what I have found is the total opposite. Once you know where you want to position your business and what you want to communicate to your audience. The rest of your marketing becomes so much easier.

LEAD GENERATION FOR DUMMIES – DAYNA ROTHMAN: Looking to increase the number of prospective clients to your business. This book is going to be your bible. It has taught me all the different ways you are able to generate prospects to your business from PPC to inbound marketing.

THE REFERRAL ENGINE – JOHN JANTSCH: Word of mouth is still the most powerful tool to date in terms of a number of clients generated and return on objective. It’s almost crazy not to add this book to your list.

THE BEST OF GUERRILLA MARKETING: JAY LEVINSON: Looking for a bunch of quick effective marketing strategies to implement ASAP?! This book is for you. The list of strategies the book offers is endless. The great thing about the Guerrilla marketing books is the fact that it’s low budget that gets you results!

PURPLE COW –SETH GODIN: I really enjoyed this book. Like all of Seth’s books. He doesn’t really focus on the how to but rather a story filled with tons of high-value gems. Reading this books really helps you understand the key fundamental philosophies of marketing and being remarkable.

In conclusion, if you are new to marketing or looking to further your knowledge you will love all the books provided. There are so many books I would love to add, but let’s stick with these for now and maybe in the further post I may share more.


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