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The Global War on Talent

If you are an HR Professional and you look like the picture below. You are most likely caught in the trap of trying to do everything yourself, and you are not alone. HR Professionals are now playing a critical role in the function of the business especially in the new global war for talent as stated in McKinsey and Deloitte.

SO, WHAT IS THE GLOBAL WAR ON TALENT IMPORTANT? In an era where talent is rare to find and retaining talent is even more challenging. HR Professionals need to ensure they are building a company culture where current and future employees want to remain and grow within their company. THE REALITY The reality is many HR Professionals are still required to spend the majority of their time on administrative work and ensuring they are remaining compliant with the ever changing legal framework. It's no wonder they are fast becoming one of the busiest professionals in the workforce. THE GOOD NEWS... HR Technology companies like Employment Hero are now able to automate and streamline many of the HR processes meaning HR Professionals are now able to focus on what's important to them and the business.

SO, HOW DOES HR TECHNOLOGY HELP HR PROFESSIONALS? 1. Saves time from tedious data entry work - Onboarding new staff members can require a lot of data entry. HR Softwares like Employment Hero reduces admin time by 90% through paperless onboarding meaning you can focus on what's important to you and the business. 2. Saves you from expensive legal headaches and fees - Developing and maintaining employment contracts can be costly and time-consuming to produce. HR Softwares like Employment Hero has lawyers work in-house to ensure that all your HR documents are kept up to date meaning you don't have to worry about the constant change in the law or the expensive fees that come along with it. 3. Make Your Employees’ Income Go Further - Negotiating perks and benefits with other companies can be time-consuming and at times hard especially when you don't have the leverage power. HR Softwares companies like Employment Hero gives your staff access to savings, benefits, and services that are typically reserved for big business. It's also the most convenient and effective way to help your employees make their salary go further.

CONCLUSION: The HR industry is changing rapidly especially with the war on talent as stated by McKinsey and Deloitte's research papers. Unfortunately, HR Professionals have not had the privilege of spending as much time as is needed on building a company culture and brand where employees want to remain and grow due to time-consuming administrative work. The rapid adoption of HR Technology such as Employment Hero by HR Professionals has enabled many HR Departments to focus on what is important to them and the business. This is demonstrated by over 57% of companies plan to make a major new HR software purchase in the next 18 months as stated in Deloitte's Managing Talent through Technology research paper.


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