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The Future Of Marketing

In a world where customers attention span is decreasing, organisations are having to re-think how they market to their customers to stand out and be heard. In this article, we will be covering three key things you need to know when developing your marketing strategy. 1. IT'S NO LONGER ABOUT CONTINUOUS SELF-PROMOTION... BUT ADDING REAL VALUE:

In an age where people have the attention span of a goldfish as Microsoft found in their study. The fight for attention has become harder and harder. The organisations that are succeeding in this fight for attention are organisations such as Zappos who have a strong focus on adding value throughout the customer journey. Examples include providing free resources to help them manage their day to day activities or a simple message that makes them feel that extra bit special. 2. STOP SHOUTING ABOUT YOU... BUILD A TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION RELATIONSHIP:

Innovation within marketing technology is enabling organisations to transform the way they market through tools such as social media. The lost opportunity is that organisations have been using social media to shout their message vs, creating engagement within their audience base. The opportunity with creating engaging marketing strategies is it grabs the attention of your audience while building a strong follower base -something all businesses would love to have. 3. CHARACTERISTICS OF A MARKETER HAVE CHANGED FROM CREATIVES INTO DATA-DRIVEN SCIENTIFIC CREATIVES:

Yes, you read that right. Marketing is no longer just about what looks good. Marketing has now transformed into a data-driven process focused on achieving results. The implications of this as a business is that you are now able to make more informed and accurate decisions in your marketing to get the maximum ROI for your money. Examples include data mining, data visualization, CRM, marketing automation and growth hacking. CONCLUSION: In summary, many marketers are realising the power of a marketing strategy based on building a two-way communication relationship and adding value to its customers via data-driven marketing technologies. These are exciting times for both marketers and customers.


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