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Graduating from high school

After 13 years of a roller coaster journey, 3 primary schools, 4 high schools, and 9,744 km away from where I was born. I am delighted to share I have finally graduated from high school!

During my schooling years, I must admit I was no A student nor a B student. To the horror and frustration of my parents and teachers, my secret talent just happened to be doing everything in my power to hang out with my friends rather than studying. This often resulted in going to the beach rather than going to my tutoring class, getting caught skipping school just after being caught skipping school, and when in class chit-chatting rather than focusing on what was being taught. As you can appreciate neither my parents, teachers, or my tutor was fond of this, especially as it would inspire others to do the same.

I share the above not to impress but rather to share that we all have our own journey. As I reflect on my own journey to date, one of the key lessons I have learned is that as youngsters, we are going to make a lot of mistakes and we are not going to be perfect. What is certain is that we are all going to have our own path of what is going to make us happy and fulfilled. The path may look different from what our parents and teacher may want or expect, however as I grow up I am starting to realise my passions beyond spending time with friends, and to the surprise of many, it happens to be reading a lot of books and volunteering my time to social causes at this stage. So if you are a student feeling lost and uncertain about what you want to do in life, it’s ok and perfectly normal and if you are a parent feeling worried about your child it’s ok, every child and parent is going through the same - just figuring life out one step at a time.


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